Here's to a new one

We have been taking part of almost every trend in the past years: In the 90s we blogged, had a Google+ account, are active on LinkedIn since 2005 and have created several 1000 tweets on Twitter since 2011.

Last but not least because of the changes on Twitter and the "emotionalization" of many posts on LinkedIn, we have reconsidered and realigned our activities in the social channels. With the result that we have reactivated the INOSOFT blog and will focus on publishing technical posts in the future.

Every professional, thoughtful, critical contribution in a blog is a public presentation of train of thoughts, opinions and attitudes and provides a completely different, more professional insight into a company than comparable activities in one of the social networks.

Therefore, you can look forward to regular blog posts on interesting topics and useful insights from our projects!

05/30/2023 10:23am

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