We build digital solutions

A lot has happened since INOSOFT was founded in 1993. The clear focus, then as now, is on the development of individual software solutions and related IT & Business Consulting.
The first big order came from Orenstein&Koppel.

Now, the clientele includes many international enterprises, such as the pharmaceutical companies Boehringer Ingelheim, CSL Behring or Sanofi, the insurance company R+V, the heating technology manufacturer Viessmann or Nihon Kohden, a Japanese medical device manufacturer.

We build digital solutions

Our work requires many things: high competence, sensitivity in dealing with other people, openness and curiosity in the various tasks. In mixed teams we develop individual solutions that can be optimally integrated into our customers' processes and systems.

We are

Not Innosoft
nor Inosoft.


It is no big secret that part of the company name is derived from innovation. Nor that we deal with interesting topics and trends outside of project work in order to improve our craftsmanship skills and gain valuable experience for future tasks. Our internal experimental space - the INOSOFT Spielwiese - plays an important role in this.

Here we give employees the opportunity to deal with topics of their choice without time and result pressure. Playful, creative and thinking outside the box. This is how innovations are created!

A corporate culture is difficult to explain

So we just let a few pictures speak for themselves.


We are owner-run. And this does not only apply for the entry in the commercial register or for contract negotiations, but for the daily business as well. At INOSOFT, the bosses have a seat at the table, too. Because a personal contact shortens the way to a solution for a client’s task.

In the picture from left to right: Karin Batz (CFO), Markus Schwalm (COO), Thomas Winzer (CEO).

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Compatibility of work and family

Just a few decades ago, the situation was clear: Dad goes to work, Mom takes care of the child. This understanding of roles is increasingly considered antiquated among many modern families today. Dad also wants to participate in family life and why should Mom actually forego a career?

The compatibility of work and family has been an integral part of our company philosophy from the very beginning.

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To ensure that we are always up to date, we work together with the most important technology companies.

Apple Microsoft AWS

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