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About applications and trial workdays

A lot has changed in HR over the last 20 years. INOSOFT Chief Human Resources Officer Karin Batz talks about our hiring process, how the quantity and quality of applications has evolved, and what we mean by a trial workday. 


What has changed in recruiting?

We now receive almost exclusively unsolicited applications. This is mainly due to the fact that INOSOFT has gained a solid reputation in the IT world in the almost 30 years of doing business and is present at many events. But customers and employees also act as multipliers. Between 3-10 applications land on Karin's desk every week, ranging from working students to finished developers with completed apprenticeship or degrees.   It is noticeable that the quality has dropped significantly. Many submit their applications without the slightest reference to our company and without mentioning the benefit they could mean for us. One gets the impression that these applicants have not given any thought to what a new job will mean for their life situation.   

Hiring process and trial work day

If the application is suitable, we invite the person to an interview, which, depending on where he or she lives, is held either at our offices or by telephone with a colleague of the relevant department. The next step is a trial workday, a chance to get a feel for each other. The applicant gets to know our company and gains an impression of how things work at our company and what our colleagues are like. In return, we can get an idea of whether the applicant fits into the team both personally and professionally before he or she gives up his or her current living situation and moves to Marburg.   The suggestion of a trial work day has always been well received, with one exception: when it came to agreeing on a date, the applicant criticized the procedure, although he had previously happily declared his willingness and made a few suggestions for dates. We then complied with his suggestion to either hire him or leave it alone and did not hire him.   We made this behavior the subject of a post on LinkedIn. The result: a wide variety of comments, some of them appallingly missing the point, with an unprecedented reach of nearly 12,000 impressions.   


We have always been successful with our approach and will not change it. Quality comes before quantity for us. Anyone who has become an INOSOFTie doesn't have to worry about losing his job or working unpaid overtime during a recession. We take care of our employees and those who want to become one. That means that we look before hiring to see if it matches or not.

09/20/2023 03:02pm

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