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What would Microsoft 365 be without PowerShell?

The Admin Center in Microsoft 365 can handle basic tasks, but PowerShell is often the only way to access deeper settings. A number of different PowerShell modules have been introduced over time. There are consolidation efforts to make it easier to work with this tool, but the options for managing Office 365 with PowerShell are still extensive.

INOSOFT-Conveloper Jens is a big fan of PowerShell ever since he first programmed a function in 2009 that allowed him to sign scripts and send them to the customer unmodified. A novelty that was not possible with VB scripts. 

Is PowerShell part of the operating system?

Jens describes PowerShell as a scripting language system that wraps the .Net framework. The executing .exe file is very small. Since all functions come from the operating system, PowerShell can be said to be part of the operating system. However, for some functions you only need PowerShell, because there the AdminGUI is not yet fully programmed. 

Application example

The development environment is structured in a way that the console with command line is on the left side and the scripts are on the right.  As an example, Jens has programmed an application to solve Sudokus. The script contains a recessive function, which executes a brute force attack on the solution field at startup: within 5 seconds the Sudoku is filled correctly. PowerShell can be used to solve any logical problem. 

PowerShell and Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 contains many individual products, such as Skype, Teams or SharePoint-Online. Each product requires an extension to PowerShell with its own set of commands. One of our major customers uses Teams over the phone system - a challenge.  Because if you want to administer something with Teams, you don't just have to know the scripting language, be familiar with the administration options in Teams, and have knowledge of PowerShell. You also have to authenticate yourself in a secure way. Access to Teams is via 2-factor authentication, which means you need a smartphone to confirm. 


PowerShell offers options for signing and documenting scripts and is a good complement to the AdminGUI. For standard users, PowerShell is not required. However, even for medium-sized Microsoft365 customers, where new users have to be created frequently, it is no longer possible to do without PowerShell.

06/05/2023 08:58am

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