Augmented Reality:

SaaS solution

i40-Portal is a web application for real-time remote support based on Augmented Reality technology:

This makes it possible to superimpose information such as images, texts or drawings onto the user's field of view on their mobile device, thus augmenting the reality displayed. Instead of sending an employee, the AR solution can be used, for example, to attend to or solve faults in a plant from the desk - conveniently, quickly and safely.

Remote Support & Consulting Simple. Fast. Independent. In real time.

The only requirements: An internet connection and a smartphone or tablet!


Easy handling, fast and uncomplicated. No need to install an app!

Step 1: You send the link for establishing an Augmented Reality connection.


Step 2: One click and you are working with your counterpart - seeing and hearing what they see and say.


Step 3: Now information can be retrieved and markers, images, drawings can be faded into the field of view.


Augmented Reality ready-to-use!

Quick to learn and easy to use!

Overview: There is no need to install an app. A connection between expert and remote station is established in no time.

Augmented Reality in daily use: Practice report i40 portal use at the company Hammelmann GmbH, supplier of high-pressure pumps and technical systems for high-pressure applications.

Invitations via SMS: Timo explains how easy and uncomplicated the invitation to an Augmented Reality session can be created and sent.

You are interested in a demonstration? You would like to test i40 portal?

We will gladly take the time for your request! You will receive an access account from us and can try out the system free of charge and without obligation for 14 days - with all possibilities, without any restrictions.

Or schedule an appointment for a demonstration and we will show you how you can easily and economically implement a highly effective Augmented Reality solution that leads to a quick benefit.

A call 06421/9915-0 or an email will do!

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