URL Shortener & Filesharing

Web page addresses are often disproportionately long. This is especially problematic if, for example, you are bound by a character limit or simply want to save space. For exactly such cases creates for any URLs of existing web pages a second, alternative short URL: When entering this short URL, the forwarding to the relevant web page takes place automatically. file sharing is not about storing files permanently, but about sharing large files with one or more recipients. The files are temporarily stored for download by the recipient. The files or file groups are accessed via an short URL.

In addition, generates a QR code that points to the short URL generated in each case.

Ideally suited for integration into your project! was designed in such a way that the individual modules can be integrated into any tasks and projects depending on requirements. We would be happy to talk to you about the possibilities and technical framework conditions.

A call 06421/9915-0 or an email will do!

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