MUVR - Multi-User VR Solution

SaaS solution

MUVR is another proprietary development of INOSOFT AG. This is a modern SaaS environment that enables any number of users to move and interact audiovisually in an artificial, virtual environment at the same time.

Examples and possible applications


The system has extensive options for setting up and managing so-called virtual rooms, into which any number of users can dial in depending on the task. This gives rise to a wide range of possible applications. Here are some examples:

Education and training

The participants meet with a trainer, teacher, instructor in the virtual environment, e.g. a production plant. The participants are equipped with data glasses or follow the instructions directly on the PC. The trainer guides the group through the scene, explains the processes or explains certain activities. At the end of the session, the trainer releases the participants from the "guided" mode so that everyone can move freely to try out what they have learned on their own.

Tour & Visit

Since any number of participants at different locations around the world can dial into a VR session, there are completely new possibilities for walking or visiting an interesting place, a museum, etc. together. Background information is presented live, e.g. by a tour guide, while he leads the group through the surroundings.

Commissioning & Configuration

Virtually run through all the steps required to transfer a machine or system to fault-free operation after completion and assembly.

Creativity & Collaboration

Finally, in an online project space, people can collaborate creatively, for example to find a solution to a spatial, three-dimensional task with the help of geometric objects, to brainstorm, or to virtually walk through a planned plant expansion together - the possibilities are endless.

The technical solution at a glance


The individual participants are connected via the central MUVR server. At the same time, the system ensures that the data glasses from different manufacturers can communicate with each other.


Once the application has been installed and the user has logged on to the system, the virtual scenery prepared for the planned session is automatically loaded: The user puts on the data glasses and can immediately "dive" into the scene and get in touch with the other participants.


And: If no VR glasses are available, the user can participate directly in the session via the multi-user VR application: In this case, one can follow the scenery with all participants and interactions via the PC screen. Looking around and one's own movement are thereby carried out via a corresponding button control.


The administration of the various application scenarios is carried out via a web interface. Here, all necessary data and configuration settings - such as access control and user data, time and duration of a session, required scenes, etc. - can be centrally recorded and adjusted.

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