Jurists learn about AI and ChatGPT

Family Law Competence Network as guest

The members of the Family Law Competence Network come from all over Germany and meet regularly to discuss current problems and legislative projects and talk about practical solutions.

As guests of INOSOFT, the jurists also took the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of artificial intelligence, particularly in the context of ChatGPT. INOSOFT CEO Thomas Winzer was available to the group for a detailed presentation and explained the functionality of ChatGPT and its potential impact on legal practice.

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"It was a pleasure to welcome the members of the Competence Network," explains Winzer. "AI technologies such as ChatGPT have a lot of potential and it is important to deal with these developments in a well-founded manner, especially with regard to legal aspects."

INOSOFT AG has been associated with Klaus Weil, the organizer of the meeting, for a long time. He was Chairman of the Supervisory Board a few years ago.

Marburg, 23. April 2024

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