Retro Week

Web design through the ages

As part of our 30th anniversary celebrations, we will be switching various INOSOFT websites from the past three decades live at from December 11 to 17, 2023.

Some may think back wistfully to the time when being part of the World Wide Web was a reason to celebrate. Back then, we proudly proclaimed: "Look, we now have a homepage too.” And users talked big about surfing the Internet. The pages were an accumulation of text, sometimes with a picture, and a link to the next page.

"When you look at today's websites, where interactivity, user experience and the same appearance on all devices are a matter of course, you realize just how much web design has changed in recent decades," explains Thomas Winzer, CEO of INOSOFT AG.

Web presence from 1997

Web presence from 2017

Web presence from 2004

Web presence from 1997


The retro week was the topic of our video podcast 30 years of INOSOFT: Web design through the ages.

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