30 years INOSOFT - Birthday

Round anniversary, great joy

Today marks the start of the anniversary year: On this day, the company INOSOFT was entered in the commercial register 30 years earlier - as a company for software development and IT training.

"In the 90s, there was a gold-rush atmosphere in the IT market," recalls company founder Thomas Winzer. "We were lucky that our training customers also consulted us on software development issues, so we soon shifted our focus to development and IT consulting."

Other business areas followed. Companies and cities from the surrounding area request Internet presences and development and consulting take up more and more space. The local pharmaceutical industry also quickly becomes a regular customer base, which expands towards large-scale industry and thus also into medical technology, banks and insurance companies.

The company grows continuously. The low employee turnover is no coincidence. From the very beginning, INOSOFT has focused on work-life balance and has been regularly certified as family-friendly by the Hertiestiftung's berufundfamilie audit for its employee-friendly measures since 2002.

Own fitness room, beach volleyball court in the garden, participation in sports competitions and financial support for employees in contracts with clubs or fitness studios. The offers are manifold. But also those who prefer to exercise only mentally get their money's worth: With the playground, a "controlled free space", employees can playfully try out new technologies and trends.

INOSOFT AG has been closely rooted in the Marburg-Biedenkopf region for 30 years. Supporting the local economy, club and event culture is close to the INOSOFTies' hearts.


In return, the company benefits from the advantages of the location: the three universities in the immediate vicinity as a guarantee for employee growth, the good connection to the Rhine-Main area and the technical infrastructure, which enables teamwork with members located worldwide from Marburg.

INOSOFT AG expressed its solidarity with the city last year with its gift for the 800th anniversary: the VR team virtually reconstructed the synagogue, which now only exists in its foundation walls, as an experiential journey for citizens and visitors back to the early 14th century.

"It's not 'party, party, party' all year," explains Karin Batz, co-founder and board member for Human Resources & Finance, "but we've come up with a series of events for the anniversary to show our gratitude to our employees and customers for their many years of loyalty."

Things kick off on March 9 with a video broadcast of interesting, exciting and important milestones from the past three decades. In May, the company invites all employees, including partners, to Hamburg for three days at the Hafengeburtstag. And in July there is a big summer party for all current and former employees and customers with their partners and children.

A company like INOSOFT is not a no-brainer. "Without entrepreneurial vision, without someone who tirelessly pushes and pulls others along, such a task cannot be accomplished. And this motivator is still Thomas Winzer," says Markus Schwalm, Director of Operations, about his colleague.

Marburg, 09. March 2023

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