Solar Carport System

Building application submitted

After many discussions, forms to be completed and a long planning phase, the building application for solar carports was submitted this week. It is planned that the rear part of our parking area will be fully equipped with an individual solar carport system from Sopago.

For some time now, we have been looking into sustainable and future-proof concepts for generating the company's electricity requirements in the most environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral way possible. We came across the possibility of so-called solar carports. Here, the parking area is roofed over and fitted with a photovoltaic system.


The system offers numerous advantages and is particularly suitable for use on existing sealed surfaces thanks to its modular design. In addition to the actual power generation, the carports provide shade in summer and protection from rain and snow in fall and winter. Of course, the possibility of future expansion to include a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles was also taken into account during the planning stage.


The system is so designed that our annual energy requirements can be generated in a completely climate-neutral way.

Marburg, 01. December 2023

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