Seventh berufundfamilie audit certificate in a row

135 companies as well as 152 institutions and universities were honored today for their family-friendly commitment at the online ceremony with Federal Minister for Family Affairs Christine Lambrecht. INOSOFT AG receives the berufundfamilie audit certificate for the seventh time in a row and is the only medium-sized company to have earned the award without interruption since 2002. The certificate is awarded by the board of curators of berufundfamilie Service GmbH as a seal of quality for a strategically designed family- and life-phase-conscious personnel policy.

A prerequisite for the current certification is the successful completion of the re-audit process. In this process, interviews and surveys of management and employees are used to examine the extent to which the defined measures have been implemented during the three-year certification period.

"As we have been involved since 2002, a simplified procedure applies to us," explains Human Resources Director Karin Batz. "The entire working group no longer has to come together for a workshop; instead, individual colleagues and I are questioned directly."

At INOSOFT AG, measures to reconcile work, family and private life include from the beginning flexible working hours adapted to life situations, parental leave - especially for fathers - long before it was introduced by law, the option of part-time work and later restocking, working at home office long before Covid, childcare, support in finding accommodation, a playground on the premises and many more.

According to Batz, the reason for participating in the berufundfamilie audit almost 20 years ago was the desire "to put the existing measures into a different form and also to distribute the decision on the shoulders of the employees and to get input from them". A recipe for success that has proven its worth.

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From the early days, only a small, illustrious circle of companies has remained, which are appreciated as long-time certificate holders at every certification ceremony. For Karin Batz, the fact that INOSOFT has been the only company in the medium-sized company category to be honored since 2002, alongside corporations such as Daimler or Commerzbank, is a unique selling point of which she is rightly proud of.

INOSOFT continues to work on maintaining existing measures and defining new ones, and is looking forward to being awarded its eighth certificate in three years' time. Certificate in three years - "but hopefully then again at an on-site event".

Marburg, 22. June 2021

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