Fabulous Clemens at the J.P. Morgan Run

Company run in Frankfurt with 63,500 participants

5.6 km through Frankfurt city center - together with tens of thousands of like-minded people who set off for the motto "Jogging against bullying". The opportunity to spend quality time with colleagues away from the workplace and to engage in friendly competition.

This year, we once again took part in the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge company run in Frankfurt. The event has been an integral part of our annual sports activities since 1999.

Firmenlauf 2024

Due to a few absences because of illness, our team was a little smaller than usual, but the results are getting better and better.


First and foremost Clemens, who improved his best time by 26 seconds compared to the previous year and finished 16th in 18:31 minutes. Sensational!


While Clemens was still running out, the rest of the strong team boosted their regeneration with fresh electrolytes.

After the race is before the race and Clemens believes that a place in the top 10 is possible next year.  Quote: "I'm still young, there's still time!"

Marburg, 06. June 2024

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