Influenza vaccination

Voluntary offer of the company

Making appointments, long journeys and long waiting times in doctors' offices - there is another way: Last week, the management of INOSOFT in Marburg took care of this for the second time with the company influenza vaccination. The only thing that the employees had to do in advance was to put a cross by "yes, I want to".

By notification in the office, the vaccination certificate was then taken just a few rooms away to the doctor who attended to the company on two days. After a brief consultation, the flu vaccination was administered; more than 60% of the workforce thus received a small bad-weather carefree package free of charge.

But it is not only the employees who are saved a lot of effort by the company's internal vaccination campaign; the management also benefits from the absence of a flu epidemic, which, apart from the high costs associated with employee absences, had in the past put entire projects on hold at times.   One might think that preventive health care in the company has only experienced an upswing through Corona, but for many years there has been a wide range of offers for the employees: From the running groups to the circuit training on Friday mornings, which is affectionately called the "screaming hour" for a given reason, to the slimmed-down "screaming hour light" on Mondays, board member Karin Batz always motivates the INOSOFTies anew.

In addition, an office massage is scheduled every 14 days by physiotherapists who, in addition to the usual massage, also loosen one or the other blockage that cannot be avoided when sitting for long periods of time, even at ergonomic seats.   And of course, there is already the next point on the subject of preventive health care. From the end of the year, the so-called Corona "booster" vaccination will also be possible in the company.

Marburg, 17. November 2021

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