25 Jahre Microsoft Partner

Walls and cabinets in the conference room of INOSOFT AG are decorated with numerous plaques, pictures and medals with the Microsoft logo. "Our ancestral gallery", the employees say mockingly.

"More than 25 years ago, the ultimate goal of a system house was to become a partner of Microsoft or IBM," explains Thomas Winzer, CEO and founder of INOSOFT. "As an upcoming IT company, getting projects with interesting major customers was not so easy back then without one of these big players in the background. We were very proud when Microsoft offered us the partnership."

For Microsoft, the partners are the ideal problem solvers for the customer. For this purpose, so-called competence programs are offered in which the IT companies can qualify in the corresponding technologies. The partners get priority in the availability of new software and stand out from the crowd of other providers with their expertise. A classic win-win situation.

"Our services and products are regularly audited by Microsoft and are subject to strict requirements. In addition, we are committed to having our employees complete certifications in the latest technologies every year," Winzer continues.

The partner certifications acquired are only valid for one year, which means that each Microsoft partner has to prove himself anew year after year, and this can be quite exhausting.

"The close cooperation with Microsoft does not mean that we wear blinders," adds Winzer. "We have a very broad horizon and a sound understanding of almost all the technologies and architectures on the market - and we always take great care to select the technology that best fits the customer's IT environment. Our primary concern is and remains - despite all closeness to Microsoft - to understand the customer's situation individually and to generate the most benefit.”

Marburg, 09. February 2022

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