AI Event »A.I. Shorts und BBQ«

Thomas Winzer explains the many facets AI has to offer

Hardly any other topic is currently as much on everyone's lips among technology enthusiasts as artificial intelligence. At the "A.I. Shorts and BBQ" event, representatives of the network gave a total of seven  short talks on how AI can already be used in companies' day-to-day business.

With a background presentation on how AI systems work, Thomas Winzer, CEO of INOSOFT AG, was also present. "When it comes to artificial intelligence, we can't miss out, of course. As far as AI solutions are concerned, we have a very broad treasure trove of experience, not least due to the large number of applications we have developed in the past," reported the Marburg-based entrepreneur.

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In his presentation, he clarified a common misconception: "If someone tells you that the system understands what you are talking about, that is nonsense. It is a matter of pure mathematics."

Artificial intelligence cannot think or understand in the classical sense; instead, it involves sophisticated techniques and methods that are trained using very large amounts of data. These amounts of information, which cannot be grasped by a human brain, are then recombined with the help of a "bit of mathematics".

"However, it is very difficult to evaluate whether the information coming out of the system is correct," warned the entrepreneur. Using a chat developed for demonstration purposes with the telling name "Donald," Thomas Winzer demonstrated a real danger of AI: If false information is contained in the data used by the AI, it will be adopted without criticism.

Overall, it was a successful event with over 100 guests. "Things were discussed here that make innovation and the future viable," was the summary of Jens Ihle, Managing Director of Regional Management Mittelhessen.

Marburg, 23. October 2023

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