Prize goes to INOSOFT

Family friendly companies

The prize for family-friendly companies is awarded at irregular intervals by the university town of Marburg and the district of Marburg Biedenkopf.

"This year there were 17 applications for the 'Family-Friendly Companies' award," emphasized Mayor Dr. Thomas Spies. "17 companies that are committed to the compatibility of family and career - from small craft enterprises to large global market leaders. This is impressive and it shows that family friendliness is a question of location quality for companies".

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INOSOFT AG was selected in the category medium-sized companies. For a company of this size, a very considerable and even for large companies exemplary level of services and offers is given.

"At INOSOFT, there are many practical and supportive offerings that together provide great relief and ensure a living corporate culture," Spies explained. This includes a spacious company grounds with barbecue area, beach volleyball court and playground. Employees are relieved because they can have their private parcels delivered by the company, because there is an in-house ironing service and a repair and washing service for their cars.

Marburg, 16. December 2018

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