Sanofi Digital Campus 2020

Sanofi is a global healthcare company that supports people in their health challenges. The Sanofi Digital Campus - an internal event that took place for the second time in June 2020 - summarizes how the company, including its products and services, is developing along the entire value chain.

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We have a long-standing customer relationship and partnership with Sanofi, so it was a special pleasure and honor for us to enrich the event with two technical presentations on the topics of Robotic Process Automation & AI and Blockchain.


So-called software robots can be used to automate processes that often cannot be adequately represented by the application itself. Software robots, of course, have neither gripper arms nor wheels. The analogy is based on the automated sequences that are executed without further human interaction. Processing times and error rates can be reduced considerably in some cases. Using a concrete live demonstration, our developers Michael and Marco explained the possibilities offered by an RPA system and to what extent this technology is related to artificial intelligence.


There is a lot of talk about blockchain at the moment and the technology is sometimes said to have adventurous possibilities. Nils explains in his presentation the basic concepts and shows with a concrete example what can actually be achieved with this technology:

Marburg, 08. June 2020

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