Solidarity with Ukraine

Stop Putin

We are following Russia's military attack on Ukraine with great dismay. Our company strongly condemns this serious breach of international law. We are concerned for all the inhabitants of Ukraine.

A new war in Europe was previously unimaginable. Already in its first days, it costs many lives and causes immeasurable suffering. The fact that this could not be prevented makes us sad and stunned.


We have decided to make a monetary donation to charitable organizations that provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine and its citizens.

Aktion Deutschland Hilft

Aktion Deutschland Hilft is an alliance of German aid organizations, including Johanniter or Malteser, further information at Nothilfe Ukraine: Aktion Deutschland Hilft ruft zu Spenden auf.

Solidarity through protests

An overview of all protest actions to express solidarity with Ukraine is available on the website StandWithUkraine.

Marburg, 03. March 2022

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