Virtual Synagogue Demonstration: Large Crowd

Instead of cars and trucks, up to 50,000 people poured onto the Bundesstrasse 3, which runs through Marburg, on Pentecost Sunday: the city highway served as the venue for the city's 800th anniversary celebration that day. And we were right in the middle of it together with our virtual synagogue.

The idea of showing visitors the virtual synagogue at "Tischlein-deck-dich" proved to be spot on. Practically everyone wanted to see it: The colleagues at the INOSOFT booth were working non-stop from 11 a.m. until well after 6 p.m., explaining the virtual reality glasses to interested visitors and accompanying them on the tour.

Two powerful PCs along with virtual reality data glasses, electricity, internet access - the setup was a bit more complex than most other booths - but it was worth it! Everyone was heavily excited to immerse themselves in the time around 1340.

The rush never let up until the end of the event, even the occasional rain couldn't deter people.

Here are some impressions of the eventful day:

If you couldn't make it, you are welcome to make an appointment for a demonstration with us at Rudert 15.

Marburg, 07. June 2022

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