WeeklyTalk #94

WeeklyTalk #94 is about our eighth seal of approval as a family-friendly company!

06/20/2024 10:22am | Ticker

WeeklyTalk #92

The next WeeklyTalk will get down to business: Am I a good boss?

05/22/2024 02:35pm | Ticker

WeeklyTalk #91

The rocky road to planning permission for our photovoltaic system

05/15/2024 02:35pm | Ticker

WeeklyTalk #90

Thema im WeeklyTalk #90: 5 Years of Augmented Reality - a Summary

05/02/2024 07:40am | Ticker

WeeklyTalk #88

Topic in WeeklyTalk #88: Improving the employee portal with ChatGPT

04/18/2024 07:40am | Ticker

WeeklyTalk #87

WeeklyTalk: JMP - A leap into the World of (Pharma)-Statistics

04/10/2024 01:40pm | Ticker

WeeklyTalk #86

WeeklyTalk about Virtual Reality: Working with virtual objects

04/03/2024 12:10pm | Ticker

WeeklyTalk #85

WeeklyTalk #85: Low-code Development with Microsoft Tools - Thursday, 4:00pm

03/26/2024 03:53pm | Ticker

WeeklyTalk #84

WeeklyTalk #84 - Pharma: How Digitalization optimizes Clinical Studies

03/20/2024 08:01am | Ticker

WeeklyTalk #83

WeeklyTalk #83: AI-based Facial Recognition

03/14/2024 08:01am | Ticker


Flying visit to Paris

03/12/2024 08:01am | Ticker

WeeklyTalk #82

WeeklyTalk #82 is about a few good and many bad meetings.

03/07/2024 08:01am | Ticker

WeeklyTalk #81

WeeklyTalk #81 - Smart identification: Working without Passwords

02/29/2024 08:01am | Ticker

WeeklyTalk #80

Topic in WeeklyTalk #80: Digital identities and eIDAS

02/22/2024 08:01am | Ticker

WeeklyTalk #79

WeeklyTalk "Retro-IT-Technology": It's about dBase, Clipper, FoxPro and Windows for Workgroups

02/15/2024 08:01am | Ticker


Quatrikum: The first day is over!

01/24/2024 10:12am | Ticker

Christmas poem 2023 Edition

Christmas greeting recorded

12/15/2023 03:02pm | Ticker

The website from 2017

And it continues: Today the website from 2017 is active!

12/13/2023 07:32am | Ticker

The website from 2004

Live today: Our website from 2004

12/13/2023 07:32am | Ticker

Stadtallendorf meets Bundesliga

Tischtennis: Stadtallendorf meets Bundesliga #Sponsorship

12/05/2023 08:32am | Ticker

Hessenschau: Virtual Synagogue in Marburg

Hessenschau: Virtual Synagogue in Marburg

11/28/2023 08:02am | Ticker

WeeklyTalk with an AI focus

Looking for good AI information, away from the hype?

11/27/2023 10:02am | Ticker

Friday afternoon at INOSOFT

Friday afternoon at INOSOFT

10/27/2023 03:02pm | Ticker

Visit of the Hessischen Rundfunks

Surprising visit of the Hessischer Rundfunk. WeeklyTalk about the synagogue postponed.

10/05/2023 08:02am | Ticker

WeeklyTalk #61

WeeklyTalk #61: This episode is about the highly exciting topic of "ontologies".

09/22/2023 08:52am | Ticker

Open house 09/29/2023

Be our guest on the open day and experience the reconstructed Marburg Synagogue.

09/21/2023 08:02am | Ticker

Have you seen our cinema spot?

For the first time in the company's history, we ran advertising in the cinema.

09/18/2023 10:02am | Ticker

Shareholder Meeting 2023

Shareholder Meeting 2023

08/22/2023 10:45am | Ticker

Comment function in the blog

INOSOFT Blog: The comment function is enabled

08/08/2023 12:30pm | Ticker

J.P. Morgan Lauf

J.P. Morgan Lauf: This great photo came flying in yesterday via Facebook.

06/29/2023 08:30am | Ticker

JMP User Group

JMP User Group: Presentation on automated data extraction from PDF documents.

06/28/2023 12:05pm | Ticker

Dogs in the office

Today an editor of the OP is in the house and writes about the topic "Dogs in the office".

06/14/2023 11:30am | Ticker

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro: Looks like a pair of diving goggles at first glance, but the technology is good all the same.

06/06/2023 07:45am | Ticker

Premiere of the new company video

Today the premiere of the new company video took place in the INOSOFT cinema.

05/12/2023 03:03pm | Ticker

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