WeeklyTalk with an AI focus

27. November 2023 10:02

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence, especially ChatGPT. Specialists are springing up everywhere to explain the benefits - such as increased efficiency and productivity - that can be achieved by using these tools.

In the following broadcasts of our video podcast, we explain how AI in general and so-called large language models in particular can be used to increase efficiency and productivity:

WeeklyTalk #10 - Face recognition with AI support
WeeklyTalk #53 - ChatGPT and alternative Facts
WeeklyTalk #67 - ChatGPT: Artificial Intelligence and Creativity
WeeklyTalk #70 - ChatGPT and the brave new world of Large Language Models

Further information on the INOSOFT WeeklyTalk: INOSOFT.de/weeklytalk


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