Audit berufundfamilie

A good working atmosphere and enjoyment of work are decisive success factors for us. Creating optimal conditions for motivation and commitment for INOSOFT employees is therefore an important task for us.

We pursue a family-oriented personnel policy and support our employees in reconciling professional commitment with personal life planning. Of course, this is not limited to employees with family responsibilities.

In this way, the interests of the company, customer wishes and employee concerns can be balanced. Our measures range from flexible working time models, grants for day care centres/kindergartens and health-promoting measures to offers such as child care, support in finding accommodation and much more.

The Audit

The certificate for the audit berufundfamilie is the official proof of the quality of a family and life-phase conscious personnel policy. In 2002 INOSOFT was one of the first IT companies to be certified by berufundfamilie gGmbH as a family-friendly company and has played a pioneering role in the compatibility of work and family since then.

To continue along the path we have been following for years, we updated the catalogue of measures for the next three years in 2021 as part of the new audit. The focus here is on the further expansion of family-friendly measures, the use and knowledge of these services and the ongoing promotion of a corresponding management culture.

Trust-based working time

Trust-based working time is called the supreme discipline of flexible working hours. In essence, trust working time means that employees can organize their working hours largely autonomously and independently, i.e. all INOSOFT employees can work when they want.

We offer different employment models: Full-time, part-time and job sharing. Home office is, of course, also possible.


The better work-life balance depends to a large extent on practical childcare services. Since 2004 we offer the in-house care of our employees' children.

The objective is to offer all INOSOFTies the best possible support to reconcile their professional requirements with their private and family needs - to the benefit of all involved.

Promoting active paternity

To support active paternity, it is particularly important to provide comprehensive information on parental and family leave opportunities. By raising awareness and highlighting best practice examples of male managers on parental leave, we create a high level of acceptance.

There are no standard solutions for parental leave, but flexible solutions are needed to take into account the needs of all those concerned, such as part-time arrangements, mobile workstations, home office, etc. Almost all young fathers at INOSOFT take parental leave.

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