Karin Batz

Chief Financial Officer

Karin Batz is co-founder of INOSOFT and has been in charge of the commercial and financial fortunes of the company from the very beginning. Due to her many years of professional experience and her mastery of the balancing act of career and child rearing, Karin Batz is the driving force and source of ideas for family-friendly changes in the company.


Markus Schwalm

Chief Operating Officer

Markus Schwalm joined INOSOFT in November 1999. From 2003 on, he was responsible for the consulting division. In July 2011 Markus Schwalm was appointed to the board of directors, since then he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. Markus Schwalm has a high level of technical expertise and is always close to the customer.


Thomas Winzer

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Winzer is the initiator and founder of INOSOFT and a man of the first hour. As chairman of the board of the company, which was converted into a stock corporation in 2000, he is a guarantor for innovation and know-how at the highest level.

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