A look back to the future

WeeklyTalk #75 - 21:44

To kick off the new year, let's take a look at some of the interesting WeeklyTalk episodes from the past year.

Here are the contributions in full length:

WeeklyTalk #43: Retro IT Tech
WeeklyTalk #48: 30 years INOSOFT: Employee No. 1
WeeklyTalk #43: 30 years of INOSOFT - Our new Company Video!
30 Jahre INOSOFT: INOSOFT Company Video
WeeklyTalk #57: Apple Vision Pro: Top or Flop?
WeeklyTalk #65: Virtual Reality: Reconstruction of the Marburg Synagogue
WeeklyTalk #69: 30 Years of INOSOFT: Stories & Anecdotes
WeeklyTalk #70: ChatGPT and the brave new world of Large Language Models

18. January 2024

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